Welcome to the old St Joseph’s Nudgee Junior College Old Boy Register.

In 2005 a new Strategic Plan was developed for the College that will oversee its development into the future. One of the areas we identified for development is the establishment of a register of the College’s Old Boys to ensure that we can have a ‘voice’ from the past as we negotiate our future development.

Unfortunately over the years a register of our Old Boys has not been developed so we have started a process of contacting Old Boys of the College. We understand that this task will be an ongoing and perhaps a long task, however we would hope that with your help this process will be achievable. I would seek your assistance in developing this Register by asking any Old Boy that you know or have contact with to follow your lead and visit the College website and complete the on-line registration at the bottom of this page.

Hopefully this Register is easy to follow and I would assure you that information collected on this form will be used solely for the purpose on inclusion in the Old Boys Register and to allow Old Boys to stay in contact with the College.




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